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 Pile Integrity Test (PIT)

Our professional services include the Pile Integrity Test (commonly known as PIT) as a quick and economical way to determine the integrity of foundation piles.  This kind of test can be applied on all kind of concrete and composite piles, especially bore piles.

The integrity of a foundation pile is very important in order to ensure its serviceability to support the load transferred from the building or structure constructed. Phenomena such as concrete flush out, necking, voids and cracks are very common in construction of bore piles.  As for driven piles, overstressing during pile driving also can cause crack and damage to the pile installed. Therefore, effort must be taken to ensure each pile installed on site to be free from any kind of defects during the installation.           

Pile Integrity Test (PIT) can be the most suitable method to detect the defects in piles that are mentioned above.  The integrity of a pile that was installed can be checked effectively in just a few minutes.  During testing, a special hand held hammer is utilized to generate a “low strain?compressive wave impact on the pile.  The wave created is measured by an accelerometer attached at a leveled section of the test pile top.  Recorded wave is graphically displayed for defect determination.  A significant reflection on the wave recorded shows changes in pile impedance which could tell integrity problem detected on the tested pile.

 *Defect which could be detected by PIT

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Our existing clients may download a complete Method Statement / Technical Specification of Pile Integrity Test (PIT) here.


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