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Plate Bearing Test (PBT)

Plate Bearing Test (also known as Plate Loading Test) is commonly used to determine the safe bearing capacity (in kN/m2) of a ground by directly applying the required load onto the ground surface via a steel plate.  This method is suitable for the design of shallow foundation such as footing.

The Plate Bearing Test is carried out in accordance to Clause 29 of BS 5930:1981. Plate size could be vary according to the site requirement and constrain.  Suitable kentledge frame and counterweight would be set up on site so that loading can be applied to the steel plate by using a hydraulic jack. 

During the test, the load (bearing pressure) is applied in a few equal increments at the specified holding time up to the required test load before unloading in a few equal decrements in the same manner.   The movement/settlement of the plate were recorded for the entire loading and unloading for the final reporting.

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